Interesting Quotes

“O God, I have an ill-diving soul,” – Juliet, A3, S5, L54

This quote is directly translated to mean: O god, my soul predicts evil things. If this quote was spoken without its surrounding context, the audience could take it to mean Juliet is annoyed with herself for looking at the world in a negative light and believing the worst will happen. Otherwise when put in the context of the play the audience can see Juliet is saddened that she foreshadows Romeo’s death as after speaking this quote, Romeo exits.

The term ‘ill-diving’ in this quote is interesting as one would not usually use when describing their soul. It means to have a negative outlook on the world and always expect the worst to happen. Synonyms include pessimistic and foreboding.

“O Fortune, Fortune, all men call thee fickle;” – Juliet, A3, S5, L60

“Fortune”: Fate, destiny, luck – Who controls fate? God, Prince/king, angels

Thee: You

“all men”: everyone, society

“call thee fickle.”: always changing, not real, petty, mischieveous

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