Describe a person walking – angelic

She moves as if floating on a cloud, lightly dancing from one spot to another. Rising above others the small girl could have pearl-white wings and no-one would question her. With a face of immense beauty, she seems untouched by society and wields her smile for the world to see. Her feet fall instep behind those who now seem dull and dreary in her presence.

Describe the smell from the kitchen in morning – mesmeric

My eyes flash open. I sit up, breath deeply. Inhaling and exhaling. The enticing smell of freshly baked bread travels down the stairs and under the tiny space between my door and carpet. An infusion of alternative aromas linger in the air. Deciding I must find the source of deliciousness, I sweep aside my covers of security and exit my room in a trance-like state. Crossing the cold, tiled ground sends whole-body shivers through my body, making my hairs stick out like… As I mount the stairs like pooh-bear climbing a tree to find his honey, I hear the approaching sound of shoes hitting the hard wood floor. Click,  clack, click,  clack. Instantly, I creep as quietly as a mouse (although quicklyback down the stairs and dive under my safe haven of covers.

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