Picture Prepositions

Busy City

As light flashes high above me – bold letters streaking across screens on buildings, advertising companies and businesses – I stop to take a breath and observe all the people rushing in-front of me with things to do and places to be. After having lived in New York for 15 years, I was used to the always-moving crowds, full of busy bees hurrying around the hive. Despite wanting to continue ‘people watching,’ I too had many things to do and time could slip away from you in a place like this which was full of intriguing distractions. Beside me a 20-something year old woman trips and falls into my side, knocking me over and into the street. Among the honking of car horns I yell, “Hey! Watch it.” Without turning a head, my shover continues to weave their way through the crowded side walk, pushing aside anyone who doesn’t move out of her way quick enough.

In addition to the cars honking, I hear a new noise. During the time it takes me to lift my head and see where this new noise came from, I hear it again – this time much closer. By means of a bicycle, a small boy is panic-stricken and consistently ringing his bell while trying to keep his bike under control. After hopping back onto the people-covered sidewalk and avoiding another shove to the ground. I hurried onto a side alley and decided I needed to move to the country.

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